September 10, 2016


Azad Jammu and Kashmir:

Azad Kashmir forms the lower hills of Himalaya and covers an area of 13,297 square kilometers or 5,134 sq. miles. It is separated from the Indian occupied part of Kashmir by the line of division that runs through the Jammu, Valley and Ladakh regions (or Balawaristan or Baloristan) on the Eastern side of Azad Kashmir. To the West lies the Pakistani province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and to the north Gilgit-Baltistan region of Kashmir directly occupied by Pakistan whereas the Punjab Province of Pakistan is situated on the south of Azad Kashmir.

Nature has bestowed Azad Kashmir with vast gemstone deposits of Ruby, Tourmaline, Pink Beryl, Topaz and Quartz. Deposits of rubies have been discovered in Nangimali, Chitta Katha, Khundigali and Naril in Shontar Valley and Kalejandar areas in Neelum Valley. The Nangimali deposits have been explored in detail and have been found to have a recovery ratio of 55 carats per cubic meter of limestone. A reserve potential of 125 Million carats of Ruby have been estimated for the deposit.

The color of Ruby crystals varies from Pinkish red to deep red and improves in depth to almost pigeon blood red. The color and grade of Kashmir rubies is much better than the Hunza rubies.

Tourmaline has been found in Dunganar area of Upper Neelum Valley. Green, red and bi-color tourmaline has been discovered. The deposit has produced good quality carving materials and some excellent quality mineral specimens.

Some Pink Beryl crystals have been found associated with Tourmaline in the pegmatite of Dunganar area. Topaz has also been found in the Dunganar area, while smoky and clear quartz are found associated with other gem minerals in the Dunganar area.

Establishment of Gems & Jewellery Training & Processing Center (GJTPC) Muzaffarabad AJK

Keeping in view the vast gemstone deposits found in several areas of Azad Kashmir, PGJDC has established a Gems and Jewellery Training and Processing Centre in the region to facilitate the sector by providing them latest training in different traits of gemstone processing, mining and trading etc, using state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. The trainings are imparted to the sector in the fields of Mining, Gemstone Processing, including carving, faceting, gemstone identification, bead making etc. Gemstone carving, faceting and gemstone identification services are also offered to the sector at very subsidized rates.

The centre is located in the heart of AJK in Muzaffarabad and caters for the needs of the students coming from Muzaffarabad and adjoining areas.

Contact Information:

Address:       2nd Floor, National Bank Pakistan, Apar Ada Branch, Muzaffarabad AJK

Tel (Off):        05822-923166

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