September 10, 2016



City of Sargodha is the capital of the District Sargodha of Punjab province, Pakistan. The district is divided into six Tehsils with an area of 5,854 sq kilometers, having population of about 3.072 million. The literacy rate of the district is around 64 percent.

In the past, major source of income of the inhabitants of district Sargodha was agriculture. Carrying imbued disadvantages of agriculture based economies, like low productivity, diminishing profitability, dependence on unpredictable climate and natural disasters, the agro economy of Sargodha has witnessed a gradual downfall. This has forced rapid urbanization in the area and rapid increase in the unskilled labor. Recent trends indicate increased entrepreneurial efforts for industrialization.

Jewellery manufacturing has emerged as one of the leading industries of the region due to the presence of traditional jewellery manufacturing and centuries old craftsmanship. Growth of jewellery industry has been fueled positively by arrival of a large number of expatriates from Middle East. Jewellery sector of Sargodha provides direct employment to more than 7,000 individuals. There are about 1,000 goldsmith workshops employing 6-10 individuals on an average. More than 450 jewellery shops are also operating in the region which, on average, is employing 3-4 individuals. These facts make Sargodha one of the biggest jewellery manufacturing hubs in the country.

Sargodha sector specializes in light-weight gold jewellery articles, which are popular among customers because of sky rocketing prices of gold. Jewellery sector Sargodha not only caters to the gold jewellery needs of the city but also sells significant gold jewellery products to suburban population. Not only districts like Khushab, Hafizabad, Mandi-Bahauddin, Chakwal and Bhakkar depend on Sargodha for their jewellery demand but, Sargodha also is an important contributor to the whole-sale gold jewellery needs of Lahore. Although, this sector is playing a vital role in creating socio-economic activity in the region, the progress of the sector is unable to attain its potentials due to lack of innovation and skill based value addition. 

Establishment of Gems & Jewellery Training & Manufacturing Center (GJTMC) Sargodha

The Gems and Jewellery Sector in Sargodha was suffering from issues like primitive manufacturing techniques, lack of technological up-gradation, high wastage, lack of formal training and absence of modern facilitation centers, the cluster has not been able to achieve optimum results. Keeping in view the need to address these issues Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company established Gems and Jewellery Training and Manufacturing Centre in Sargodha to facilitate the sector by providing them latest training in different traits of gems and jewellery including Computer aided jewellery designing, Jewellery manufacturing, Stone setting, Jewellery Finishing and Polishing, gemstone processing and gemstone identification etc, using state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.

The centre is located in the heart of Sargodha city and caters for the needs of the students coming from Sargodha and adjoining areas.  

Contact Information:

Address:        99/2-A, Bahadur Shah Zafar Road, Old Civil Lines, Sargodha

Tel (Off):       048-3724451

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