September 10, 2016


Gems & jewellery training & manufacturing center Karachi

Gems and Jewellery Training and Manufacturing Centre has been spanning its journey to upgrade and augment the human resource capital in the gems and jewellery industry in Karachi. From the outset, GJTMC Karachi had devised a four pronged strategy to further its objectives and purpose of existence which are human resource development, projection of professional skills, projection of technological potential and financial viability through commercial services.

In pursuit of its objective, GJTMC Karachi has trained 2566 students most of whom are absorbed in the gems and jewellery industry in Karachi, either working as entrepreneurs or as employees with various businesses. To complement the industry with hi-tech services, GJTMC Karachi has been above head and shoulder in providing technological solutions to the industry which has taken the efficiency, productivity and fineness of their output to a new height.

Gems and Jewellery Training and Manufacturing Centre comprises of following sections.

Reception: Collects and disseminates information alongside counseling students.

Registrar’s office: Collects and systemizes information gathered through incoming students besides conducting admissions and examination at GJTMC, Karachi.

Principal’s Office: Looks after policy making processes.

Library: A library containing 190 rare books and journals of art has been catering to the reference requirements of GJTMC, Karachi students and instructors alike. It is in process of integrating itself with HEC digital library owing to which it will have access to a sizeable digital data base across the globe.

Display Area: Used from time to time to display projects housing two work stations for students’ research work.

Data Base Management Section: To record and structure the data.

Contact Information:

Address: Gems & Jewellery Training & Manufacturing Center Karachi

Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company (PGJDC)

SASSI Building, Plot No. 15, SB – 5, Zaib-un-Nisa Street Saddar Karachi

Tel (Off):         021-35220294

Fax:                  021-35220295

Email:              Click Here

Major Activities:

As described earlier, it has been a corner stone policy of GJTMC, Karachi to project the human resource capital raised by GJTMC, Karachi for its employment in the jewellery sector in Pakistan and abroad.  To achieve this end, GJTMC, Karachi has been intermittently organizing public events to highlight the activities conducted at its centre and the professional abilities of its passed out students. Following activities have been undertaken in this regard

1- Azadi exhibition was conducted on August 14, 2010 to show case the professional competence of GJTMC, Karachi students.

2- GJTMC, Karachi participated in 9th Dawn Education Expo on February 11& 12, 2012 to exhibit the jewellery items developed by its students.

3- Participated in YSR-Young Leaders Festival at EXPO Center Karachi on 18th March 2012.

4- Conducted Youth Jewellery festival on March 23, 2012 at its premises; a highly acclaimed three days long event which attracted  enormous applause from  general public and the industry alike.

5- Participated in All Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Association exhibition.

6- Participated in Pakistan International Gems and Jewellery Exhibition (PIGJE) 2012.

7- Conducted a grand certificate distribution ceremony on July 14, 2012.

Bridging the Gender Gap:

In a bid to bridge the gender gap and to mitigated economic disparities amongst them, special steps were taken in collaboration with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).  A special project namely “Women entrepreneur development” was undertaken by GJTMC, Karachi under the auspices of UNIDO to develop female entrepreneurs for Jewellery industry.

Apart from the above, GJTMC, Karachi frequently endeavors to promote induction of female trainees for its courses. Resultantly, fruition our efforts are being witnessed in the jewellery industry which has predominantly been a male preserve.

Our persuasive actions to enhance female participation are beginning to bring about a change in the general mindset. Consequently, an increase has been witnessed in the enrollment of female participants.