Training Centres

Establishment of Gems & Jewellery Training and Manufacturing Centers (GJTMCs) is the result of one of the core strategic initiatives of Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company (PGJDC), which is “Raising Value Chain Productivity.” The objective of GJTMCs is to provide gems and jewellery training and manufacturing facilities for the technical development of the sector. The gems and jewellery sector of Pakistan though instilled with great talent have been lacking the modern education and techniques. In order to bridge the gap, PGJDC is providing quality education to the stakeholders of gems and jewellery industry enabling them to compete effectively in the international market.

GJTMCs offer the facility of ideal learning environment where the proven faculty members of PGJDC work hard to transfer knowledge to the participants of the training courses. PGJDC has set up its GJTMCs in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and Gilgit.The prime motive of GJTMCs is to upgrade technology and skills in mining, gems processing and jewellery manufacturing through training and provision of required equipments and facilities with the following objectives:

  • Equip the Industry with latest techniques and processes.
  • Provide trainings on gems and jewellery designing and manufacturing with dual exposure to traditional and latest machineries like CAD/CAM technology.
  • Provide state of the art training in cutting and polishing gemstones as well as common processing facilities in order to enhance the value of gemstones sold to the local and international markets.
  • Modernize mining practices
  • Reduce wastage
  • Improve quality of extracted gems
  • Increase income of miners
  • Improve skills of those in mining industry and new entrants
  • Increase overall productivity of workers and better quality output

Gems & Jewellery Training and Manufacturing Centers provide in depth knowledge in designing and manufacturing of jewellery to the students, training them in the spheres of diamond grading, gemstone identification, Gemstone Faceting, Gemstone carving, Manual jewellery designing, computer aided designing (Jewel CAD & Matrix), jewellery pattern making in wax etc.

Notwithstanding, apart from the above-mentioned training programs, GJTMCs have diversified their line of courses in jewellery manufacturing by introducing training programs of Patwa and Soumak, which run in parallel to the traditional casting, stone setting and bench-work courses, to well round the students in jewellery craft. The training programs emphasize on hands on tasks to improve dexterity in students. Moreover, applied courses in the fields of jewellery designing and manufacturing such as applied jewellery design – a combination of manual and computer based jewellery designing coupled with practical training in rapid prototyping are also being offered to enhance capabilities of the students.

At PGJDC, it is staunchly believed that the students must prove their mettle once they have been imparted knowledge and skill. It is for this reason that is to test and to further hone their abilities, contests are arranged periodically in designing which invariably result in highlighting our students in Gems and Jewellery market both nationally as well as internationally. These contests are a practical manifestation of a concept based on value chain productivity starting from mine to the showcase, propounded by PGJDC.

In addition to mastering all tasks related with precious metals and gemstone, business acumen stand supreme in running a successful Jewellery enterprise. It is therefore all the more important to train the students in the areas of time and cost management. To cater for the same, Time & Cost Management courses are also being conducted at the training centers besides the mainstream courses.

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