September 10, 2016

Services to Sector

Commercial activities

In addition to offering training to students of KPK and the surrounding areas in different fields of Gems & Jewellery, the state-of-the-art machinery and equipment installed at GJTMC Peshawar i.e.Gem Slicing machine, Trim Saw, Round Bead Lapping machine, Ultrasonic Drilling Machine, Automatic Cabochon Machine etcare being used to facilitate the local sector and providing incubation facilities to them. The students are being given hands on practical training as per international standards on these machineries.

Commercial cutting of stones received from different individuals and parties have also been started at GJTMC Peshawar. Very competitive charges are being taken from interested parties based on the hardness of the material, quality and quantity of production. GJTMC Peshawar is equipped with latest start-of-the- art machines used elsewhere in the world. The qualified employees of PGJDC try their level best to produce the finished product up to the entire satisfaction of customers.RP Machine will be started in first time in KPK for Jewellery Market.

Gem Testing and Certification:

Gem Laboratory has a very well equipped gem testing equipments where the local sector people come to get their gemstones tested and certified. The gemstones are being tested either through verbal opinion or in the form of certificates. The qualified gemologists at Gem Laboratory grade and test the gemstones of the customers against which an authentic report is issued to them. These reports have worldwide recognition and acceptance because the test results are gathered using the latest equipments/ instruments currently being used worldwide and tests are being performed by Gemologists having vast experience in this field.