September 10, 2016

Services to Sector

Commercial activities

Gemstone Identification Laboratory:

Gemstone Identification laboratory setup at GJTMC Quetta provides the facility of gemstone testing and diamond grading to the gems & jewellery sector of Quetta and the surrounding areas of the region. Reports are generated and certificates are issued to the customers on very subsidized rates. This gemological lab provides the services of stone certification for Rs. 600, Diamond Grading Certificate for Rs. 600 and verbal Identification (without report) of Gemstones for Rs. 150.

GJTMC Quetta Gem Lab became functional on 24-04-2011 and so far 442 customers have been facilitated.

1). Simple Testing:  charges Rs. 150/per stone                      Total tested gemstones                      327

2). Gemstone Certificates: Charges Rs. 600/per stone          Total issued reports                            103

3). Diamond Certificates:  Charges Rs. 600/per stone           Total issued reports                            12

Lapidary Machineries:

It has been planned to utilize all lapidary machineries installed at GJTMC Quetta commercially, to increase the productivity growth of the precious/semi-precious gemstones. The main objective is to provide best quality & high quantity production at suitable and negotiable charges.

  • GJTMC Quetta is equipped with 20 latest and advance carving machineries for commercial use.
  • These all machineries are installed, working satisfactory and under production.
  • The charging cost sheet of these machineries for commercial use is approved.
  • The gemstones we have received for commercial work are Serpentine, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Moonstone, Garnet, Citrine, Topaz, Tourmaline, Onex, Rutilated Quartz, Jasper, Agate, Axinite and Diamond Quartz.
  • A group of 10 trained candidates from carving section are working in table ware section for the completion of these commercial orders.

Machineries at GJTMC Quetta available for commercial use and incubation facility purposes.

  • Table drilling machine tibo nb 4
  • Cabouchon-grinding machine ch 7202
  • Column drilling machine sbs-84
  • Form grinding machine dma=s-1-7206
  • Pneumatic clamping device
  • Form grinding machine fsm-7206-250
  • Graving machine kd-mgl
  • Device for graving tools-with thread
  • Device for graving tools-withiout thread
  • Gem slicing machine model gs-2
  • Round bead lapping machine model rb
  • Ultrasonic drilling machine model u
  • Centerless grinding machine model c
  • Barrel finishing machine model bf-2
  • Vibrasonic tumblers model vt-12
  • Faceting unit
  • Dual grinder
  • Trim saw
  • Slab saw model ac-18
  • Carving machine kd-mgl