September 2, 2016


In view of the potentially huge world market for Gems and Jewellery and for the fact that Pakistan has vast natural reserves of precious and semi precious gemstones, cheap labor, and rich tradition of craftsmanship in Jewellery manufacturing, the government decided to gave it an Industry status. Therefore, certain important decisions were taken to support and uplift this sector.

One, Pakistan Initiative for Strategic Development and Competitiveness project was launched by the then Ministry of Industries and Production in partnership with United States Agency for international development in 2004. The implementation role was assigned to Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA) and J.E. Austin, a US management consulting company working for USAID. As Part of the initiative a group of committed industry stakeholders from gems trading and mining, jewelry manufacturing, jewelry retail and, training institutions, technical service providers, raw material suppliers and other allied industries, representing all the four provinces and federally administered territories agreed to form Strategy Working Group (SWOG) to address how the industry could position itself through a better strategy. Within 16 months from its inception, the SWOG developed the first ever mine-to-market strategy shared and agreed to by the private sector and the government of Pakistan. The methodology applied was, studying the value chain analysis and recommending solutions to the problems and designing possible pilot projects for immediate implementation.

The strategy focuses on achieving three long term objectives of gems and jewellery industry through five tracts of strategic initiatives.

Industry Objectives:

• Productivity Growth: to ensure Productive growth through skill development, technology up-gradation, R&D and innovation.
• Export growth: To increase the level of exports through improving quality and marketing
• Income Generation: To increase income earning opportunities by upgrading skill levels, investment opportunities and sales.

Strategic Initiatives:

• Raise value chain productivity
• Improve marketing and branding
• Strengthen policies for increased competitiveness
• Invest in workforce development and innovation capacity
• Strengthen industry organization and supporting institutions

Second was setting up Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company, a non-profit public/private entity incorporated on June 26, 2006, under section 42 of the companies Ordinance 1984. The main objective of this company is to uplift and enhance the competitiveness of Gems and Jewellery sector in the country. The company aims to achieve its objective by promoting Gems and Jewelry supply chain in Pakistan by means of supporting and facilitating the gemstone miners, processors (cutters/polishers), jewelry manufacturers, traders (retailers/wholesalers/exporters) and other stakeholders across the value chain and ancillary trades.

Trade Shows

The participation of gems and jewellery exhibitors under the umbrella of Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company is meant to be competitive internationally and gain larger pie of the trade.

Capacity Building and Training of Trainers

The company is working simultaneously to achieve its short and long term objectives. PGJDC’s Training Department has organized a number of Workshops, Seminars and Trainings on different fields of Gem and Jewellery in numerous cities of Pakistan.